Maths algorithms

Maths things

Mandelbrot set generator
Mandelbrot image set [may max out your browser]
Conjecture F
Ulam's spiral
Brent Salamin algorithm
Babylonian Algorithm for square roots
Dice sums
2x2 matrix inverter
Convert numbers to binary
Find prime numbers
Find prime factors of a number
Twin primes
Prime triplets
Prime quadruplets and quintuplets
Procedural Terrain
Bogens cobbles
Koch snowflake
Prim's algorithm for networks
Dijkstra's algorithm for networks
Floyd's algorithm
Transportation algorithm
Work out cube roots!
Binomial expansion calculator
Lévy C dragon
Modular exponentiation
Elliptic curves mod P
Diffie-Hellman key exchange
Stochastic Sierpinski
Rule 30
Pell's equation solver
Latin Square Generator
Latin Square Explorer
Graeco-Latin Square Generator
Javascript heapify
Toggle cubes


Lorenz Attractor
Warnsdorff Knight's tour
the game of Life
Geostationary Earth Orbit transfer
Dotty page
Oblique impact
Rolling spheres


The Snake Game
The Multi-player Snake Game
Child-friendly Snake Game
The Bricks Game
Three-player Square It
Multi-player Square It
Snowflakes game
Sudoku solver
Test your knowledge of footballer's names!
World Cup 2018 Countries and Capitals matching quiz!

Other things

US states and capitals quiz
Mandarin GCSE vocab quiz
Create your own birthday button!
Javascript poetry
HSK3 quiz
Tally table and bar chart activity
Paint activity
Link to android apps
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